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Care and Create Collective

Introducing Care & Create Collective – Your Ultimate Event Curator!

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  • Based on Event
  • Online Consultation

Service Description

Self-care through Creativity & Self Expression NOVA Essence Inside Out proudly presents Care & Create Collective, a specialized subdivision dedicated to curating unforgettable events centered around the artistic form of self-care and personal expression. As your premier event curator, Care & Create Collective is here to host your next self-care event with a unique blend of creativity, inspiration, and a touch of NOVA Essence magi Services Offered: 1. Candle Workshop: • Immerse yourself in the art of intentional candle making with our signature workshops. Participants not only craft their own candles but also engage in self-reflective discussions and goal-setting activities. It's an experience that goes beyond creating a candle – it's about creating intentions and fostering personal growth. 2. Event Hosting for Self-Care: • Allow us to host your next self-care event, whether it's a private gathering, corporate retreat, or community workshop. Our team will curate an atmosphere of tranquility, blending mindfulness and creativity to provide a unique and enriching experience for all participants. Inspiration Behind Care & Create Collective: Care & Create Collective is inspired by the belief that self-care is an art form and a personal expression of love for oneself. Our events are designed to empower individuals to embrace their creativity, set intentions for personal growth, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves. Why Choose Care & Create Collective: • Artistic Self-Care: Our events are crafted to inspire artistic forms of self-care, encouraging participants to express themselves creatively in a supportive and uplifting environment. • Transformative Experiences: Whether through candle workshops or self-care events, Care & Create Collective offers transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on the mind, body, and spirit. • Professional Event Curators: Our team of event curators is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully planned, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for both hosts and participants. • Unique Approach to Self-Care: We believe that self-care is a holistic and creative journey. Care & Create Collective provides a platform for individuals to explore different facets of self-care through art, mindfulness, and personal expression.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your session please do 24 hours in advance.

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