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Introducing "I AM Confident Candle" - Unleash Your Inner Strength and Radiance

Boost your confidence and self-assurance with our "I AM Confident Candle," an empowering affirmation-based aromatherapy soy-wax candle designed to inspire courage and positivity. Immerse yourself in the mystery of the season's aromas, complemented by the gentle crackle of the wood wick, offering a lasting burn time of up to 5 hours.


Transform your surroundings into a haven of confidence and positivity with the "I AM Confident Candle." Ignite the flame and let it illuminate your journey towards self-assuredness, reminding you that self-care is the key to unlocking your inner strength.

I AM Confident- Candle

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  • 100% Soy Wax

    All-natural fragrance oils

    All-natural essential oils

    Wood wick

  • Key Features:

    • Affirmation-Based Aromatherapy: Ignite the flame of confidence with carefully curated affirmations, infusing your space with a sense of empowerment and self-assuredness.
    • Soy-Wax Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the clean and eco-friendly burn of high-quality soy wax, ensuring a toxin-free experience.
    • Wood Wick Ambiance: Experience the tranquil crackle of the wood wick, creating an ambiance that fosters relaxation and confidence.
    • Mystery Scented Magic: Delight in the aromas of the season, carefully blended to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue.
    • 5-Hour Burn Time: Extend your moments of self-reflection and confidence with a 5-hour burn time, allowing you to bask in the comforting glow.

    Make the "I AM Confident Candle" an integral part of your self-care routine, as it transcends being just a candle - it's a symbol of self-love, beautifully inspired inside and out.

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