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Introducing "I AM Blessed Candle" - A Radiant Beacon of Positivity and Self-Care

Elevate your self-love journey with our "I AM Blessed Candle," a divine affirmation-based aromatherapy soy-wax candle crafted to bring joy and tranquility into your sacred space. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of pineapple sage, accompanied by delightful notes of toasted coconut, all while enjoying the gentle crackling of the wood wick that provides a lasting burn for up to 5 hours.


    Embrace the ritual of self-care and let the "I AM Blessed Candle" become a cherished part of your daily routine. This candle is not just a fragrant accessory; it's a symbol of self-love, beautifully inspired inside and out.

    Transform your space into a haven of positivity and gratitude with the "I AM Blessed Candle." Ignite the flame and let it radiate blessings, reminding you that self-care is the ultimate expression of self-love.

    I AM Blessed- Candle

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    • 100% Soy Wax

      All-natural fragrance oils

      All-natural essential oils

      Wood wick


      • Affirmation-Based Aromatherapy: Embrace the power of positive affirmations as you ignite the "I AM Blessed Candle," creating an atmosphere of gratitude and self-love.
      • Soy-Wax Serenity: Immerse yourself in the clean burn of high-quality soy wax, ensuring an eco-friendly and toxin-free experience.
      • Wood Wick Harmony: Experience the soothing crackle of the wood wick, creating a harmonious ambiance that enhances your relaxation.
      • Pineapple Sage and Toasted Coconut: Indulge your senses in the uplifting aroma of pineapple sage, complemented by the sweet and comforting notes of toasted coconut.
      • 5-Hour Burn Time: Extend your moments of bliss with a generous 5-hour burn time, allowing you to fully embrace the tranquil glow.
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